Seafront cyclist’s café

Biker’s Cafe Circolo is a cafe where bikers and cyclists gather on Awaji Island, one of the best cycle spots in Japan. The original hamburger, “Awaichi Burger” named after the reward for riding around the island, is very popular!



“Awaichi” is a 150 km seaside route around Awaji Island. A play on words meaning a full loop of the island. For beginners, going around Awaji Island is a 1-2 day adventure, but after a day of enjoying the dynamic scenery Awaji has to offer, when you roll up to the final goal gate of Akashi Bridge, we promise the best sense of accomplishment!
Our store is located in the Iwaya area at the northern end of Awaji Island, which is the perfect place to start and finish your Awaichi tour.


Developed especially for our hungry cyclists who have completed their Awa-ichi loop. Juicy and hearty, heaped with locally sourced vegetables, designed to recharge not only cyclists, but also motor bikers, road trippers, and foodies alike.

Awaji Island specialty hamburger

Commitment to quality of Awaichi Burger

Confidence in volume

This burger was created as a reward for riding a bicycle around Awaji Island. The volume is large enough to satisfy even the hungriest cyclist!

Enjoy Awaji Island ingredients

Ten kinds of island vegetables are used in abundance. Together with herbs, they enhance the taste of the patties.

Good buns

The buns are made of oven-baked rye bread that has a great flavor and texture. The buns are designed to catch the flavor of the meat.


Store manager

Jack Russell Terrier born in Awaji Island in 2009. Since 2012, he has been appointed as the store manager and customer service chief of Bikers Café circolo. All around good boy. Favorite food is strip jerky (donations welcome!).

Store Concept

Circolo or “circle” in Italian, refers to the village café where villagers gather. Like the wheel of the bicycle revolving around a central point, the presence of Circolo Cafe is the centre point for cyclists in Awaji Island. It’s from these ideas we developed the philosophy of Circolo. We have been serving as a contact point for the region for cyclists, travelers and motorcycle riders for over 7 years.

How to get to AWAJI-Island



Awaji Jenova Line(Akashi Port – Iwaya Port)
http://www.jenova-line.co.jp (Japanese Only)

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Shop Information

Postal code:656-2401 Address:2942-27 Iwaya, Awaji,City,Hyogo Japan Tel:81-799-64-7533


・30 minutes walk from Iwaya Port
・Express bus Uzaki bus stop
・5 minutes by car from Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway Awaji IC


11:00 – 17:00
(When our burgers are sold out, we’ll close.)
Holiday Friday

【Parking lot】

Parking Space:6