While you cycle around Awaji Island, may be ZAZEN training at local temple is one of unique experience, especially during cycle trip in Japan.

Zazen Training

Kokusei Temple, situate at South Awaji, is only Temple that provide Zazen Training experience in Awaji island.
Kokusei Temple Website
Zazen is fundamental method of meditating training in Zen Buddhism and it is still popular activity in Japan.
( KOKUSEIJI Temple in Googlemap )

It is a training in Zen Buddhism, in which one meditates deeply while sitting in a correct posture, in order to enter a spiritual state of nothingness.

The principal object of worship, Shaka-Nyorai,

The temple, Kokusei Temple hold “Shaka-Nyorai” as their principal object of worship. Shaka-Nyorai is simply known as the founder of Buddhism.

Entrance to the temple

Kokusei Temple is also well known as the beautiful garden of Peony Flower. At the end of April, they provide Peony Flower festival. If you can visit there in this season, please drop in to enjoy the flower festival.

The temple also provide Classic Japanese style drawing training

Back to the Zazen training, they provide the experience at their place facing their beautiful Classic Japanese garden. Try the experience to reach to calm and quiet meditating point in your mind.

The fee for the training is 1,000yen (around US$7.00), and may take around 1 hour. The tour (training) required prior booking, contacting with through their WEB site indicated above.
They have English explanation kit for any overseas visitor.