North Awaji, the place of origin for Japanese Loquat

Wild Loquat can be seen even walking course with dog

Loquat is quite minor fruit but one of main product in Awaji Island.
Now, we are having loquat season (END/MAY-END/JUN) and you can find loquat tour (eat as much as you want from tree ) especially North part island.

Wild Loquat can be seen everywhere in North Awaji

North Awaji Island is known as Japanese Loquat birth place and you can find so many Loquat farmer even from road side.
Just next door (may be Suitable cycling distance, bit hard walking distance), Furukawa Farmer provide Loquat tour. As you see their WEB site, only Japanese available, tour, booking and fruit picking. Thus, if you need any hands for the tour, let us know by mail. We may be help to try the tour.

For the participation fee is about ¥1500 for adult

Beside of the loquat farm, we can find WILD LOQUAT tree if you carefully looked at while you riding bike.
My home training course, HANASAZIKI (Flower view point on top of mountain) round course has so many wild loquat tree, on road side.Not same as farm made one, wild loquat is so sour but tasty. And good refresh for your ride, I guarantee.

Wild Loquat on the way to Hanasajiki mountain course

The Hanasaziki round course is 18km, 330m elevation and take 40min around.Not only wild loquat but also you can enjoy great view.
So why not???