One of GREAT Budget Chinese Restaurant, known only Local…

Absolutely NO English available here

FRANKLY, I do NOT want introduce the great home town restaurant to anybody come from outside. Prefer keep enjoy the quiet and peaceful place. However, the situation now we are facing, COVID-19 expanding, we have been all suffered, especially restaurant, such as service Business.
Believe we need to support each other, considering and hoping our life, “After COVID-19”.


This our home town Chinese restaurant, KOHEN is managed by two, wife and husband who living 2nd floor of the restaurant.
Absolutely NO English service and cannot expect any extra support in English from them. Even, they have NO market relate smile or businesslike attitude. Simply they serve good food with faithful price.

What you can eat at there, Awaji Budget restaurant??

Many many many menu with budget price. But only Japanese….

Most of all local restaurant in Awaji, you cannot expect any English service, Except big restaurant that targeting tourist Market.
But if you prefer to go real local food and expect the experience real Island life style, you got to follow some instruction.

Rough placed but YAMMMMMMMMM

Suggesting to go there with Local Japanese friend or someone who can speak Japanese. Or, if you go there without any Japanese speaker, for the case of this Chinese restaurant, KOHEN, you got to order one suggested menu, “YAKI-GYORZA”, fried Japanese Style dumplings (see the above photo). This is perfect dish and I personally order YAKI-GYORZA and Beer (in Japanese, pronounce as “BI——RU”) only and take them heaven so quickly.

Try the “YAKI-GORZA” and Beer first and when you fall into the heaven, the barrier between you and shop staff will be collapsed soon.
Then time to try another menu pointed out your finger, with your intuition!!!