Izanagi Shrine is located 25km south from Circolo.
The quiet Shrine, not ruined by any tourism, you can see a real Shrine based on local religion, local prayer…

You can see Official explanation of the shrine by Hyogo prefecture.
As above explanation indicated, the shrine is top ranked, same as Ise Shrine or Meiji Shrine.
But these places have become TOO popular as you know….
However, Izanagi Shrine still maintains its original shape and dignified atmosphere.

(Izanagi Shrine in Googlemap)

About Izanagi Spring Festival

“Danjiri Mikoshi”, Portable Shrine

Every APR/20, 21, 22, during these three days, Spring Harvest Festival is held at Izanagi Shrine.
on the 20th, YOIMIYA Matsuri (First day evening palace) is held.
21st APR, Festival for praying for ancestors.
22nd APR is the peak of the Spring Festival.

From noon, 10 sets of DANJIRI MIKOSHI (portable Shrine), will gather at precinct and march to Otabidokoro, Seishahama Shrine, around 5km.