Awaji Beef (KOBE Beef is almost same as Awaji Beef, Awaji Beef Fatten at KOBE Side) is one of MOST famous original ingredient in Awaji Island.
However, due of the price, we cannot eat as daily bases (Suggest billionaire stop to read this article and drive Ferrari for KOBE beef shop…).

KOBE Beef, Ferrari of Beef

One of the most my favorite food, cheap but local tasty food, during Awaji Cycling, is “Japanese Potato Croquette”, Deep Fried Mashed Potato.

Sizzling Potato Croquette, 60Yen!!!

Usually, Mashed potato is mixed with Choped/roasted Beef & Onion, the taste is alway effected by the Quality of Meet & Onion.

Onion is, needless to say, Most popular Vegetable in Awaji Island. And combine with Awaji Beef!!!!  You can imagine what the Best marriage!
Awaji Onion is very Sweet itself so even you can eat in raw. Also, fat of Awaji beef is contain lot of oleic acid so melting in mouth so easily. Thus the fat taste so sweet. These sweets ingredients will turn to be dream tag .!!!

Such a Best marriage, you can eat on the way of your Awaji Cycling with ridiculously cheap price!!

If you start your cycling fm Circolo, our cafe, you go down Sth about 20km, then turn right to East coast of Awaji Island via IZANAGI Shrine.

Then, you go through incense factory area ( CIRCOLO Tour Guide Site ), soon you will reach to a corner of GUNGE village, beside of Police station.

100m west fm the corner, you will find butcher, name as “TOUGE”

TOUGE Google Map

They provide one of the best Croquette as mentioned as above.
Purchase one of plane Croquette (aprox US$50cents!!!) fm their many variety, bring them to the Fisherman’s port near by.
Watching sunset down into sea, fighting against Local cats that try to get the Croquette, you are almost in HEAVEN!!!

“TOUGE” ( TOUGE Web Site )