One of the BEST Unique and Local Popular Food in AWAJI Island is “ANAGO Sumibiyaki (BBQ charcoal Grilled Conger Eel)” that produced just beside of Island Circled main Road (West coast road is so called, “Sunset road” in Awaji Island).

Grilled just in front of the main road

Most famous Shop is, “UOMASU”, Fish supplier, founded long long time ago.
The place is just opposite side of CIRCOLO, East coast.

UOMASU Map by Googlemap

Front view of the shop from main road

Due of HEAVY Smoke and BBQ Smell, you can’t miss the shop.
Anyway, you can purchase each Char Grilled Conger Eel, as whole as shown on the above phot.

Just like this!!

Purchase one of it, and bring it Small Park, beside of the Fishing Port opposite to the Fish shop.
You can feel real “PAX JAPONICA” while you eating the BBQ Eel, smell of sea breeze and surrounded by Local Cats that try to hunt your…