If you are planning to cycle round Awaji Island, there are several way to get to get to Awaji with your Bicycle.
You can come by car, public Highway BUS, or High-speed Boat.

Akashi port, gateway to Awaji Island

If you are living or staying in KOBE or OSAKA area, you can bring your bike along with you on boat.
JENOVA Line provides quick service from AKASHI (Aprox 15km west of KOBE Station) to IWAYA PORT, the north tip of Awaji Island, just beside the Gigantic “AKASHI suspension Bridge”.

Akashi Port, Entrance

JENOVA Line Web Site

The One way fee is 530yen (Adult) & 240yen for your Bike. You can purchase from ticket vending machine. Below is the location of Akashi port.

The short boat trip from Akashi Port to Iwaya Port only takes 12 minutes! The boat takes her course underneath the Akashi Bridge. This underpass route will give you a close-up look of the GIGANTIC bridge.
And the sea breeze will remind that you are TRAVELING!!!

Passing underneath of Akashi Ohashi Bridge!!

JENOVA LINE Time Schedule

There is NO English version provided for the schedule.

The Center column indicates Time (Each Hour). Minutes are indicates in the left and right columns with 00 mins 20 mins and 40mins.
The left column is for Iwaya (Awaji side) to Akashi (Kobe side). The right column is for Akashi to Iwaya.

  • 岩屋 Iwaya 
  • 明石 Akashi
  • 時刻 time

The schedule on the top is for the WEEKDAY(平日).

The next one, in RED is the WEEKEND (土曜・日曜)time schedule which includes public holidays.

The Trip may provides a dynamic landscape that will exhilarating, but be careful not take any splash from the SEA on to your bike!!

Iwaya port is only 2km from our cafe. So why not to enjoy a cup of Espresso at our cafe, Circolo?
We are excited to meet you. See ya!!!!!!

Our Espresso served by CIMBARI