In early spring time, still bit chilly for bike ride but if you take mountain area route for your ride, you may feel a bit warmer than a popular Awaji costal route. (don’t forget some appropriate wear for downhill ride!!).
“AWA-ICHI (Round trip Awaji Island)” is very famous bike course for every Cyclist but if you take inland area route, you may surprised the dramatic and magnificent view along the course.

Awaji Bike Touring in Early Spring _f0365484_1153534.jpg
Steep downhill along to Rice terrace

Character of Awaji Cycling, Inland route

Due of the Island geographic factor, there are many VERY STEEP SLOPES with authentic and unique Japanese views.
Frankly, some route is ridiculously Steep.  
Basically, mountain area road is designed ALONG to contour and climb up gradually. But in this island, may be because of finance problem of road construction, road designed crossing each contour. Thus, in Awaji Island, mountain road alway so steeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!
But even you ride such a hardcore road, you can enjoy great view of Rice terraces, Wind power Generators, and many water reservoirs to maintain each rice terrace.

Awaji Bike Touring in Early Spring _f0365484_116040.jpg
You can find many Wind generator & Solar power field in Awaji Island

If you are Steep Slope lover, you will be captivated by the variety of routes available, it is possible to take in more than 2000m elevation in 60km!

In this early spring, you can also enjoy Rape Blossoms along the road.

Awaji Bike Touring in Early Spring _f0365484_1151169.jpg
Rape blossoms is typical flower in Awaji island