Hand made bike Sacoche dyed Awaji indigo

We would proudly introduce our new & best spot in Awaji Island, not spoiled by ordinal, boring, Full of tourism area where you can see many tourist with his/her selfie…

One of my friend who lived in Awaji Island run Home based factory, Indigo dyed factory, Awaji Ai Land project
(Indigo in Japanese is called as, “AI” ).

So we asked him to make something relate with Bicycle and….

<<淡路島の銘品へ・藍染サコッシュ Hand made Sacoche dyed Awaji indigo >>_f0365484_15004006.jpg

Cycling & Indigo Dye Experience in Awaji !!!!

Bike sacoche (simple bag) dyed by Awaji indigo.
His indigo was grow at his farm and hand collected, fermented with Japanese traditional method.
Organic fermented indigo express more bright & soft texture.
We, together with him, will bring the sacoche more complete products level so that it turn perfect souvenir with real material & experience.
The indigo factory also provide tourist tour.
So may be one of the best place to stop to get real Awaji products and experience. Awaji AI Land in Googlemap
The factory 12km south from Circolo

Awaji AI land & Circolo collaborating model!!

The factory also provide their Factory Inspection tour.
With your prior booking with though above their Facebook pages, you can have Indigo dye experience. It may take aprox 2hours.
To dye, you can choose from 2 different material, one is cotton stole (100cm x 100cm) or Sachoche. Stole 5,000yen and Sachoche 3,000yen.
Minimum tour number is 3 person.

Checking Indigo fermentation
<<淡路島の銘品へ・藍染サコッシュ Hand made Sacoche dyed Awaji indigo >>_f0365484_15024967.jpg
Leaflet of the Ai Factory is available at Circolo
Some Indigo Dyed products are available at the factory