The SAKE Brewery, next door to you

8km down to south, along to Road #28, you can find our home town SAKE Brewery, Sennen-Ichi, SAKE Brewery (SENNEN-Ichi in Googlemap) .

The SAKE Brewery is locating beside of route #28

The Small Brewery have been run from 140years ago, and stick their old , traditional style brewing with many support from Awaji Nature


SUGIDAMA & my bike

The entrance of the brewery, you can find hanged SUGIDAMA (Ball made by branch of Cedar). The Sugidama announce that new brew SAKE is just prepared. At that time Sugidama is in green color. Remind fresh Sake image by the color.  
Also Changing color to dark brown indicate the aging of Sake.

Entrance with Traditional look

SAKE Brewry Factory Tour

They also provide factory tour from small group.
Prior booking preferable. Make booking by mail or phone
(Required prior booking for the group more than 10 people).
Factory tour is Free of charge.

Vintage SAKE Displayed on REAL Vintage Shelf
Vintage Brewing tank
Factory with full of SAKE aroma

The Attic of the factory is renovated as SAKE Studio.
You can have taste test several type of Sake at there, from Fresh to Vintage.
Also display vintage SAKE brewing tool, selling their Sake and Sake relate products such as Sake cake etc.

But needless to say, do not ride bike after drink SAKE!!!
Safe Ride in Awaji Island!!