Awaji Island is famous for their fine food, such as AWAJI Beef, Fresh Fish from Osaka bay area, Fine Vegetable, mostly famous Super hi quality Onion, etc etc…. At tourist spot in Awaji island, you can easily find many restaurant that satisfy these tourist demand, sarcastically “Stereo Type” tourist restaurant.

We are NOT suggest or introduce such a tourist oriented restaurant in our blog. We STRONGLY introduce Local oriented or DEEP LOCAL oriented restaurant ONLY. Rinlongo, Chinese restaurant in Awaji City (6km South from Circolo), is mostly local oriented restaurant.

Rinronngo in Googlemap (Restaurant Operation time detail also contain)

The Chinese restaurant is run by family who immigrated from China.
Mr. Ohta, below photo, Chief chef is also the owner of the restaurant.
He is also cyclist and my friend!!

Ohta-san and me (pink).

RINRONGO, serve Best Fried Chicken.

Their popular menu is Hot & Spicy dishes but their Hot & Spicy level is real Chinese scale… Thus, I alway ask FRIED CHICKEN!!!
I believe their Fried Chicken is ONE OF THE BEST in Japan.

12 Fried Chicken. I stick the plate!! Also Special Dipping Source!!

Since they start fry the chicken after they got the order, it will take little bit time to reach to you, but it’s really worth to wait.
They cook the fried chicken in round shape and cover the meat by skin and Flour. The double cover keep the meat very juicy!!!
As a result, fried time take bit longer but if you bite the crunchy cover, and hot juice from the meat, you realize you will visit here soon again!!

If you ask “YAMADA (or Circlo) Style dipping source” for the Fried Chicken, Mr. Ohta will bring special dipping… may be…..