The Best Cycling destination in early spring in Awaji

In early spring, you can see many plum blossom in Japan.
Especially in Awaji Island, we proud very old glorious weeping plum blossom is very popular as best tourist spot.
The blossom is named as “YAGI no Shidare Ume (Weeping plum blossom of Yagi village)”, located in South Awaji island (Yagi no Shidare Ume in Googlemap).

The Plum tree on traditional Japanese Garden

The tree is more than 70 year-old and 8m hight and 12m wide, trunk around 2m big. One of the most old & huge plum tree in Awaji Island.
Not only the history but also the shape of the Plum blossom, branches are drooping like a waterfall. Magnificent view, simply.

The Plum tree is locating in private garden, Mr. Murakami’s property.
However, during the plum blossom season, they open for the public as open garden (Free of Charge).

The best season for the plum blossom is END/FEB to BEG/MAR, around 20days. During the season, rice field is open for public parking space (FOC). As indicated above, you can see, park as FOC. This is based on Mr. Murakami’s favor. Thus, please consider about the manner during watch the blossom. No Loud speaking. Needless to say, no leave any rubbish.

During the open garden season, the tree light up till 21:00.