YOSHINOYA, Beef Bowel is Most famous Japanese working class fast food.
Almost 1000 of branch expanded overseas market is proof of above.
In US, 100 of shop operating. So you may be already experienced the beauty of the bowel.

You may think Yoshinoya taste is almost same everywhere even you are in China or Mongolia.

Well, it is may be right but if you are visiting Awaji Island, Cycling around, if you have time, we strongly suggest to visit to YOSHINOYA in Awaji Island (Yoshinoya in Awaji, Googlemap).

ONLY ONE Yoshinoya in Awaji Island

The Yoshinoya is ONLY one in Awaji Island. It’s 35km South from Circolo.
Take almost 1hr drive. Still, we visit there for the bowel.

Only Meister create REAL Yoshinoya Beef Bowl


In this Yoshinoya, there are 2 incredible staff, Ms. Hasegawa and Mr. Azuma. The super expert guys are so professional. Even chaotic condition with many many many customer, their artistic operation solve the situation as magic.

Mr. Azuma & me

If you ask “AZUMA Special” to the guys, you will receive “(Normal size) Beef bowel with extra Juice!! This is, extra ordinal from standard Yoshinoya beef bowl. Not only the amount of Juice, but also stew condition of the meet is, simply perfect!!

“TSUYU-DAKU-DAKU, Extra Juice Beef Bowel”