ONSEN, or Hot spring is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.
Maybe some people feel a bit hesitant to be naked with taking a bath in the with strangers or your friends.
However, when you jump into the ONSEN (Prior entering the Onsen, as a Japanese manner, rinse your whole body with soap), sure you will break some barrier between Japan Culture and feel a a sense of freedom.

In Japan, there are several types of Onsen and each have their own personality. You can find them in the City, Suburbs, and tourist destinations like Awaji Island.
Especially Awaji Island, we have Big Onsen facility that has great view of Akashi Bridge from open air bath (Ref our last our blog for this type ONSEN).


There is a local public Onsen and…. Amazingly traditional, even more, Purely original without any tourism or commercialism. I would like to introduce to you the ULTIMATE DEEP TOURIST SPOT in Awaji Island, OUGI-YU.

Only aged locals can be seen around….

The Deep spot, Ougi-Yu is located 10 minutes walk from Iwaya Boat port and 3km north from Circolo.
Ougi-Yu location by Googlemap

Gate for Iwaya Shopping street

After passing through the old fisherman village, Iwaya town arcade, nostalgic Pachinko parlor, classic shopping center you will reach the Onsen.

When you reach OUGI-YU, you may find the exterior of building is nostalgic and find quite unique decoration and detail.

Design may have been done before second world war…

After your ride, if you park your bike in front of the Onsen, please use a chain lock.  The Island is usually safe from any crime but just in case.

Needless to say, NO English available here

After entering take off your shoes, put them into shoes box and get the attached wooden key (your box number is written on the key).
Next, pay the bath fee,    420 Yen to the madam sitting at the entrance.

Bath Fee is 420yen. This is then general fee across Japan.

Take off your clothes in the changing room, then put your clothes in the locker and bring your key with you to the bath. Do not bring your towel for drying with you into the bath.

Once you are ready open the sliding door to the Bath area!!   Depending on the time of day, you may meet local old fisherman sitting around the circular blue-tiled bath tube, chatting or washing their body with the hot onsen water.

On the outer edge of the round-shaped bath, there is a concrete bench surrounding the bath.  You can sit there and wash your body with Yellow bucket using hot water from the bath.
Please watch your step… 

Please remember this place is a sanctuary for local fisherman and community space for them. 
For quite sometime they have used this space to talk Fishing strategy. 

At dusk, you can hear the temple bell ringing while your are taking bath…

You may feel like you are in a wonderland because the space does not frequently see overseas customers. 
It all depend on you whether or not you feel uncomfortable or enjoy the amazing experience at this historical heritage!!!

P.S.  Please note there is NO Hot water shower…