1. Transfer from KOBE (SHINKOBE STATION/Sannomiya) to AWAJI Island:

There are not so many ways to go to AWAJI Island from KOBE(honshuu or main island), since there is NO public Train that connects them. 
Another way is to come by high-speed Boat, which I explained in a previous post (How to get there from KOBE by Boat). 
One can also come by Personal Car and Public BUS. 

Most overseas tourists enjoy coming to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo by Bullet train (shinkansen).
If so, you may be stop by SHIN KOBE Station (shinkansen station) when you decide to visit AWAJI island as a next destination.  

Bullet train arrived at Shin Kobe Station

When you just step out of SHIN KOBE Station, the Bus Stop for Highway bus (kosoku basu) is right around the corner.
The Bus, HONSHI-Kaikyou Bus, provides a convenient service to get to Awaji when you take the Bullet train to Shin-Kobe(shin is shin from the word shinkansen).

Highway bus Web (Sorry only web in Japanese available)

<<How to Transfer to AWAJI Island??  Bicycle Tour to Awaji Island fm KOBE>>_f0365484_16422226.png

When you visit Awaji Island, and most popular Hotel for overseas, Westin Hotel Awaji is one of the best choice ( Westin Awaji WEB).

The fee from KOBE/Sannomiya or Shin-Kobe Station (Next to Sannomiya Station), to the bus stop, Westin Hotel (AWAJI YUMEBUTAIMAE), is 950yen (one way) or about 8.00 USD.
When you step out from ShinKobe Station, take the Highway Bus named “OISO GOU (大磯号) Below is a map showing Shin-Kobe station and Sannomiya station(MINT KOBE).

2. How to reach to Circolo for Road bikes Rentals:


The Bus departing from SHIN KOBE Station via SANNOMIYA, Center of KOBE City, stops at “Awaji YUMEBUTAI MAE” Bus Stop, in front of Westin Hotel. The ride from SHIN KOBE takes 1 hour.

Bus waiting at Sannomiya bus stop (below MINT shopping Mall!)


Get off at the “UZAKI” Bus Stop, just after crossing the AKASHI Bridge.
The Bus Stop is in front of our Cafe, CIRCOLO!

Uzaki Bus Stop in Googlemap

Circolo is next to UZAKI Bus stop


The distance between the WESTIN HOTEL(Awaji YUMEBUTAI MAE) and CIRCOLO (near UZAKI bus stop) is only 2km.
You can walk from the WESTIN to CIRCOLO in about 20 minutes and enjoy the beautiful view of OSAKA BAY on the brick walking path or take a quick Taxi ride from the hotel.


Here is the bus schedule for KOBE/Sannyomiya/Shinkobe to Awaji. The first page is the schedule for AWAJI to KOBE and the second page is for KOBE to AWAJI(the weekend schedule is in red).

The ten stops are listed on the left side. Here are the list of stops on the second page (KOBE to AWAJI route).

  • 新神戸駅 Shin-kobe station
  • 三宮バスターミナル Sannomiya bus terminal
  • 高速舞子 Maiko highway bus stop
  • 鵜崎 Uzaki
  • 聖霊淡路病院前 Seirei Hospital
  • 淡路夢舞台前 Awaji Yumeubutai (Westin hotel)
  • 国道夢舞台前 Yumebutaimae on highway (stops here after 8:00 pm)

“OISO GOU <大磯号>” Time Schedule).

Waiting for your visiting us for your cycling trip on Awaji Island!!!!